List of the Best Websites as a Car Search Engine in Indonesia

If you live in Indonesia and want to find out the best car search engine, then, you would not need to worry since there are so many of them! Well, that is true; there are so many websites you can use in the country to help you find a car to purchase. It is to be expected since the automotive industry and market in this country has developed so quickly in recent decades. Below you can find the list of the websites.

1. Otosia

The first one of this list is occupied by Otosia. Well, if you are not new in the development of the online retail system in Indonesia, then, chances are, you would have heard of this one in which the website actually did not stand by itself when it was first created. Rather, it was a part of one of the most famous Indonesian sites for accessing entertainment news, which is KapanLagi. As time progressed, Otosia received so many visitors and its traffic was then becoming very high. Now, it is a stand-alone website which you can visit to find out a lot of information that you need to buy a car-either new or used; it even also has sections where pick-up trucks and extremely expensive luxury cars are for sale! Also, there is a lot of automotive news that you can read for free in here.

2. Rajamobil

Rajamobil is the website you will have to visit if you wish to go to a car showroom but do not have the desire to travel. Well, the reason why it is put into the list of the best car search engine is that it is the best one what you can go into if you wish for a digital showroom. The website has been around for seven years and it was first founded by PlazaToyota- an authorized car dealer which operates around the country. Well, although it was solely marketing Toyota cars, it now has expanded its market and it now chooses to market multiple car manufacturers instead and it has a total of 35,000 types of cars listed on its website. Oh, by the way, Rajamobil also offers a wide variety of luxury cars and they receive separate listings that are exclusive.

3. Mobil123

The last one on the list of the best websites which function as a search engine to buy cars is the one named Mobil123. Well, the website has been visited by almost two million visitors and it has more than 250,000 listings of cars that you can look at and observe. The website has been around for almost eleven years since it was firstly created in 2008 and it has become one of the best platforms that you can use for any transaction which involves automotive products, including cars. For your information, although it uses Bahasa Indonesia in its interface, it is actually no longer owned by any local companies since it was bought by iCar, an Australia-based automotive company, in 2012. Well, those are the websites which function as the best car search engine.

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